The big list of all the records Brock has mastered, If you have any questions or see something thats missing please Contact us 


Anqi Sun

Among the Blind-Long Time

Ashleigh Somerville-Wild Cherry Girl

Altona-Altona EP

Altona-Old Trees

Adam Giles Levy-Green Socks

Adam Giles Levy-Unravelled

Anne Emberline-There’s No Reason

Alex Archibald-Early Suburban Terrorism

Anything But-0x02

Anything But-0x03

Astrocolor-Lit Up:Music For Christmas

Ashley Shadow



Barcos D Papel-Resistencia

Bend Sinister-Animals

Bend Sinister-Small Fame

BESTiE-No Bad Days

Ben Everyman-Deprecado

Ben Everyman-Subourbon

Billy The Kid-Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

The Burying Ground-Big City Blues

Bocephus King & Orchestra Familia - The Illusion of Permanence

The Brass Action-Making Waves

The Brass Action-No Soundcheck

The Brass Action-11:34

The Brass Action-Now THIS is Happening

Brehdren-Out Goes The Window

Black Wizard-New Waste

Baked Potato-Chive Talkin’


Cairo-A History of Reasons

Castello Roundtable-Lux

Castello Roundtable-Nox

Connor Roff-Connor Roff

Chatterton Eve-Phrenology

City Of Glass-The Diving Bell EP

City Of Glass-The Modern Age

Coastline Pilot-In Search Of New Land


Corrina Keeling-Say Yes

Crystal Shawanda-The Whole World’s Got the Blues

China Syndrome-The Usual Angst

Chelsea-Grey Matter

Chloe Anne Lloyd

Coco Jafro-Forces of Nature

Clara Shandler, Sidewalk Cellist-KA


Dawn Pemberton-Say Somethin’

Dada Plan-A Dada Plan Is Free

Dada Plan-The Madness Hides

Daniel Wesley-I Am Your Man

Daniel Joshua Adams-A Prayer to Bloom

Devon Wells-The Waxing Moon

Devin McQuarrie-1971

D.O.A.-Hard Rain Falling

Damn Fools-Off The Floor

The Deadset-Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Deep Sea Gypsies-Cedar Hill X RD

Dino Archie-Choosy Lover


Ephram-The Eph Word

Elle-Ectric - The Queen of Mars


FC and Renstar-Vision

Frankie-Girl of Infinity


Gigaheartz-Fancy Cars/Lunatics


Head of the Herd-By This Time Tomorrow

Head of the Herd-Birds on the Roof

Hollow Twin-Keepers

Hunger Hush-Regards


Janette King-Electric Magnolia

Jason Liesch-Washed Away

Jessica Benini-No Regrets

Jenny Banai-Flowering Head

Jack Mercer-Lonesome Dreams & Wild Things

Johnny DeCourcy-Alien Lake

Johnny DeCourcy-Master Manipulator EP

Joe Vickers-Medicine Bag EP

Joe Vickers-Patient EP

Jesse LeBourdais

Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities-McMillan’s Monster

Joyful Door-Man in Monochrome

Jonathan Terrell-Past The Lights Of Town

Jake Touzel-Bad Faith



Ken Stead-Fear Has No Place Here

Kill Matilda-Songs of Survival



Lago-The Cycle

Laura Reznek-Who Came Before Us

Lindsay Bryan-Cakewalk

Lovecoast-Chasing Tides

Lions In The Street-On the Lam

Lions In The Street-Lions In The Street



The Mandevilles - Windows and Stones

Mesa Luna-Crux EP

Mesa Luna-Shutting Down

Mindil Beach-The Sweet Tea EP

Mindil Beach-It Might Take Long

Mindil Beach-Mindil Beach Markets

Marble Pawns-Preconcious EP

Morgan Finlay-Latitude

Morgan Finlay-Fault Lines

Marble Pawns-Astrophobia EP

Michael Gresham-Searching For the Pineapple Blues

Michael & The Slumberland Band-Thousand Years Under The Sun

Midnight Mangoes-Double Crown

Mythos-The Best Of Mythos


Nathan Shubert’s Pirate Ship-Moorage, Captain, Port & Chambers

Nathan Shubert/Ancient Science-Paserbjorn


Nat Jay-All I Think When I Wake Up

Nat Jay-Quiet Dreams

Northern Beauties-EP

Not In The Face-Brass Tacks

Noah Edwards


Ocean Full Of Fins-Backyardia


Paperboy and The Messengers-Headlines

Paperboy and The Messengers-The News

Paperboy and The Messengers-Strike!

Pigeon Park-Stripes

Patriot Sail-Patriot Sail

Phoenix Thunderbird-Economic Life/Mirrored Mind

Peak performance Project Bootcamp-Hello/Goodbye

Peak performance Project Bootcamp-Come Together

Peak performance Project Bootcamp-Love and Bravery


The Reaktion-Selknam

Red Haven-Vilified

Red Haven-The Road Above You

The Ruffled Feathers-Bottom Of The Blue


Savvie - Night Eyes

Sister Says-Heart Placement

Shane Koyzcan-Sadness Is A Song I know All The Words To

Shane Koyzcan and the Short Story Long-Debris

Sky Wallace-Living Parts

Sharply Detached-Rough Around The Edges

Sunny Pompeii-Vinegar

Sunny Pompeii-Professional Day

Sunny Pompeii-Breakfast of Champignons

Sing It Fwd-2013

Sing It Fwd-2014

Sing It Fwd-2015

Sons of Granville-Imperitave Drive

Sean Xiahao Zhang-HOW


Stranger Country-Stranger Country

Stationary-A Recession Era Musical

Sur Une Plage-Ledgerdemain


Terrace-We Fall Together

The Tourist Company- Space Race EP

This Side Of Town-# The Streets

Trev Conkey-Mighty Ocean Strong


Victoria and The Secrets


Westside Sings-Join The Refrain

Westside Sings-Delve EP

Willhorse-The Farm Sessions

Winsome Kind-Winsome Kind

Wolfborne-In The Beginning

We Hunt Buffalo-Blood From A Stone



Windmills-Keep Moving


Wild Son


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