The big list of all the records Brock has mastered, If you have any questions or see something thats missing please Contact us.

36? - Milk Mountain

Aaron Steinly - Songs of Meeting

Aaron Steinly - The Trade

Adam Giles Levy - Green Socks

Adam Giles Levy - Peninsula

Adam Giles Levy - Unravelled

Adam Rayvann - Self Titled

Adam Robert Thomas - Feel Alright

Adam Scott - Self Titled

Adam Stel-STEL

Aidan Miller - Elemental Love

Ak747’s - Night Party

Alcove/Megan - Self Titled

Alex Archibald - Early Suburban Terrorism

Alex Biro - Flood

Alexandria Maillot-Time

Altona - Altona

Altona - Old Trees

Amistad - Talk Peace To A Wolf

Among The Blind - Among the Blind EP

Among The Blind - Long Time

Amy Metcalfe - Self Titled

Ancient Engines - Self Titled

Andrew Diconeau - Self Titled

Andrew Gangte - Raw Instinct

Andrew Phelan - Everything Rattles When I Breathe

Angus Maude - Ponding

Anna Baignoche - Self Titled

Anne Emberline - There’s No Reason

Annette Ducharme - Wreck Age

Another Man’s Gold - Dull Is Dangerous

Anqui Sun - Self Titled

Antonio Larosa - Steadfast

Anything But - 0X02

Anything But - 0X03

Ardent Tribe - Yes To Love

Argyle  Embargo - What Could Go Wring?

Arkatek - Space Monster

Art D’Ecco - The Deal

Ashleigh Ball - Gold In You

Ashleigh Ball - Gold In You (Nude)

Ashleigh Somerville - Wild Cherry Girl

Ashley Shadow - Ashley Shadow LP

Astrocolor - Lit Up: Music For Christmas

Astrocolor - Singles

Ayda’s Tree - Roots

Baby Harry - Electric Soul

Bad PR - Party Favours

Bad Strangers - Bad Strangers LP

Baked Potato - Chive Talkin’

Bambino - Conception

Barcos de Papel - Laboritorio Laberinto

Barcos de Paprl - Resistencia

Barry Quinn - Berigit

Becky Ninkovic - Woe

Belcarra - Hollow Tree

Beliveh - F Yeah

Belvue - Leave The Light On

Ben Everyman - Deprecado

Ben Everyman - Subourbon

Ben Rowley - Super Pyramid-Devoid

Ben Ryan - Abacus

Bend Sinister - Small Frame

Bend Sinister - Through The Broken City

Bend Sinister - Walk the Other Way

Benedict Marsh - River|Kid|Mix|Tape

Best Night Ever - Writing on the Wall

Bestie - No Bad Days

Biffy Clyro - Spotify Sessions

Bill Arnott - Studio 6

Bill Jr Jr - The Motions

Billy The Kid - Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Black Wizard - New Waste

Blu Dream - Blu Dream

Blue J - Self Titled

Blue Moon Marquee - Gypsy Blues

Blue Morris - Unlikely Rockstar

Bluesland Horn Band - Let’s Go Dancing

Bob’s & Lolo - Blue Skies

Bocephus King & Orchestra Familia - The Illusion of Permanence

Book Of Hours - The Eternal and Temporal

Bradley Abel - One Day In May

Brass Action - 11:34

Brass Action - Making Waves

Brass Action - No Soundcheck

Brass Action - Singles

Brass Action - THIS is Happening

Brehdren - Out Goes The Window

Brett McCrady - Drifting Through the Ordinary

Brian Doerksen - Self Titled

Brian Lowens Kid - And The Devil Makes Five

Brian O’Brien - Singles

Brian O’Brien - Songs Written in Canada

Bridal Party - Negative Space

Bright Black - Self Titled

Brodie Dawson - Self Titled

Bronson - Bonehead

Buckman Coe - Gathering Storm

Burning Effigy - Lost Serenity

Busy Not Dying - Music For Beginnings

Cairo - A History of Reasons

Caitlin Purvis - Wasting Days

Caitlin Toom - Self Titled

Caleb - Self Titled

Castello Roundtable - Lux

Castello Roundtable - Nox

Cat and the Queen - Blizzard on Bear Mountain

Cat and the Queen - Singles

Cat Mountain King - Self Titled

Cat Tomson - Falling

Catherine Owen - Grieve

Catlow - Main of Nowhere

Cawama - Sea Sick

Cayla and Daddy Long Legs - The Beginning

Celtara - Self Titled

Chamelion - Chamelion Song

Charles Wesley - Self Titled

Charles Wesley - To The End

Chatterton Eve - Phrenology

Chelsea - Grey Matter

Chelsea Whyte - Self Titled

Chersea - Self Titled

Chicken Like Birds-On The Dusty Trail

China Syndrome - Hide in Plain Sight

China Syndrome - The Usual Angst

Chloe Anne Lloyd - Self Titled

Chris Catalano-A Secret Underground

Chris Ho - Self Titled

Chris Larocca - Self Titled

Chris Sol - Some Paradise

Christie Rose - Winter Weeping Summer Joy

City Of Glass - The Diving Bell EP

City of Glass - The Modern Age

Clara Shandler, Sidewalk Cellist - KA

Classy Chassy’s - Runnin Hot

Clay Ravens - Self Titled+A139

Coastal Break - Movements

Coastline Pilot - In Search of New Land

Coco Jafro - Forces of Nature

Coco Jafro - Self Titled

Cody Larsen - School Night

Cold MTN Air - Self Titled

Cold Water Road - Self Titled

Cole Patenaude - Self Titled

Colleen O’Connor - 17 Hoops

Colour Tongues - Singles

Colton Lauro - Spade a Spade

Columbia Connexion - Self Titled

Connor Roff - Connor Roff

Conundrum - Lothian

Conundrum - Sabatoge

Coquihalla - Self Titled

Corrina Keeling - Say Yes

Cozy - Self Titled

Cristian Sharifi - Exodus

Crystal Shawanda - The Whole World’s Got The Blues

D.O.A - Hard Rain Falling

Dada Plan - A Dada Plan Is Free

Dada Plan - The Madness Hides

Dadolescents - More of Me to Love

Damn Fools - Off The Floor

Dane - Serotonin

Danger Electrics - Heartache Electric

Dangertree - Kale and The Beaudries

Daniel Joshua Adams - A Prayer to Bloom

Daniel Wesley - I am Your Man

Daniel Wesley - Live Commodore Ballroom

Danko Jones - I Love Love

Danny Lovelock - Marry Me

Danny Oliver - For All My Former Lovers

Dark Sun Profits - Self Titled

Darty Pan - Lava

Daughter Of The Moon - Other Wildflowers

Daughter of the Moon - Wildflowers Acoustic

David Beckingham - Just When the Light

David Blair - What Are You Trying To Say

David Deldiglio - Kardano

David Delgigglio - Self Titled

Davis Miller - Deuternonomy 30

Dawn Pemberton - Say Somethin’

Deep Sea Gypsies - Cedar Hill X RD

Deep Sea Gypsies - Singles

Devin McQuarrie - 1971

Devon Clarke - The Big Coast

Devon Wells - The Waxing Moon

Dino Archie - Choosy Lover

Dirty Ashes-Dirty Mountain 01

Dirty Radio - Self Titled

Drag strip Devils - Hot Damn

Dried Out - By Design

Duff Kelly - Sweet Cheeks

Duff Kelly - We Can Fly

Dustin Sacks - Blueberry Moon

elle-Ectric - The Queen of Mars

Ellice Blackout - Villains

Elysia - Self Titled

Emily in the Headlights - Self Titled

Emma Cook - Living Proof

Empire Ants - Empure Ants

Ephram - The Eph Word

Epitomic - Singles

Eric Westbury - Atomic Wilderness

Etheria - Dawn For Passing Skies

Evan Downings - Reflections

Evanivan - Afterlight

F.O.L.D - Fighting Our Last Days

Faceplants - Animalistic

Facts - Miwah - In Amongst the Ferns

FACTS - Self Titled

Faith Maxwell - People Person

FC and Renstar - Vision

FC Romeo - Self Titled

Fernando Delgato - Green Fingers

Fever Feel - Self Titled

Field Study - Everything Moves

Fig and the Flame - When the World is Calling

Fintam O’Brien - Self Titled

Fish in a Birdcage-Through the Tides

Five Alarm Funk-Live at the Vogue

FLVRHAUS - Self Titled

Fortune Killers - Temper Temper

Fractal Pi - Travel with Umi

Franc Melo - Lost

Francis Arevalo - The Lions We Are

Frankie - Girl of Infinity

Fraser Campbell - The Maiden

Fraser MacKenzie - Self Titled

Front and Centre - Front and Centre

Front and Centre - Self Titled

Garrett - Self Titled

Gentle Mind - After Earth

Geoffroy ferte - Cooks Nale

Germane Enmore - Joemo - P3 TO PH

Gigaheartz - Fancy Cars/Lunatics

Ginalina - Home is Family

Ginalina - It Takes A Village

Giph Snelgrove - Mind Merge

Gold and Shadow - Bidhaus

Gold and Shadow - Self Titled

Grant Baldwin - This Mountain Life

Grimskunk - Self Titled

Grit an’ Ivory - Blue

GT Music - Already Won

Gun Control - Volume 1

Hanggai - Homeland

Harley Small - Cassettes for The New Millennium

Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer - Post Apocalipstick

Hawking - Diverge

Hazel Blackburn - Hazel Blackburn

Hazen Sage - Thrive

Head of the Herd - Birds on the Roof

Head of the Herd - By This Time Tomorrow

Headlove - Summernights

Hello Moth - Singles

Hello Moth - Slave in a Stone

Hey Ocean! - It’s Easier to Be Someone Else

Hollow Twin - Keepers

Honest and The Crow -

Hunger Hush - Regards

IMUR - Thirty 33

Ingrid Stitt & The Legends of Burnaby - When Days Were Long

Invasives - Just Another Under the Sun

Issah Contractor - An Apology

J.u.D. - Forever Yours

Jack Mercer - Lonesome Dreams & Wild Things

Jacob Hutchins - Island Dreamers

Jake Touzel - Bad Faith

Jake Touzel - Self Titled

Jake Vance - Eden

James Fergusen - Self Titled

Jamie Thomas - Self Titled

Janette King - Electric Magnolia

Jason Liesch - Washed Away

Jason Thompson - Self Titled

Jay Gavin & The Tired Sunday Choir - Boat on a Whale

Jen Hershman - Ebbs

Jennie and the Hummingbird -

Jenny Banai - Flowering Head

Jeremy Alingham - Self Titled

Jess Vaira - In A Line

Jesse - Lebourdais - Grief Intensity Friendship

Jesse LeBourdais - Self Titled

Jessica Benini - No Regrets

Jets Overhead - Self Titled

Jo Passed - Out

Jo Passed - Up

Joan Bessie - Self Titled

Joe Nolan - Cry Baby

Joe Vickers - Medicine Bag

Joe Vickers - Notes From the Wood Burning

Joe Vickers - Patient

Joel Nichol - Self Titled

Joemo - P3 TO PH

Joey  Horvath - Self Titled

Johanna Olson - Come Back Next Year

John David Martin - Waves of Existence

Johnny 2 Fingers & The Deformities - McMillan’s Monster

Johnny De Courcy - Self Titled

Johnny DeCourcy - Alien Lake

Johnny DeCourcy - Master Manipulator

Johnny Miller - One In A Million

Jonathan Terrell - Past The Lights Of Town

Jordan Esau - Magic

Joshua Leventhal - Lion/Lamb

Joyful Door - Man in Monochrome

JP Maurice - Boys

JP Maurice - Girls

Jules Schroeder - Self Titled

Julie McGreer - A World Away

Justin Wilkie - Self Titled

Kale Beaudry - Self Titled

Kale Penny - Self Titled

Kaslo - Everyday Music

Katie Perkovich - Self Titled

Kaylan MacKinnon - Savour

Kellen Saip - Take Me Away

Keltie - Self Titled

Ken Stead - Fear Has No Place Here

Kenny - Dollar Store Diamonds

Kensy - Self Titled

Keppler Gustavo - Self Titled

Kevin James Carroll - ONE

Kevin James Carroll - Self Titled

Khingfisher - Khingfisher

Kiel Magis-Kiel Magis

Kill Matilda - Songs of Survival

Kim June - A Thousand Things

Kimmortal - Sincerity

Kitty + The Rooster - One Gig Hard Drive

KORI - Self Titled

Krissy - Krissy Feniak -

Kristina Lao - Paper Boats

Kristina Lao - Something to SAy

Kyla Ferrier - He & I

Kyle Church - Slow Down

La Gusana - Borregas En La Niebla

La Gusana Ciega - Self Titled

Labs - Down

Lago - The Cycle

Lakiesha Hewitt - Break the Sun

Langley Ukulele Ensemble - Self Titled

Langley Ukulele Ensemble - The Next Generation

Larry Edward - Self Titled

Late Spring - Invisible

Laura Reznek - Self Titled

Laura Reznek - Who Came Before Us

Lawrence Maxwell - Not Your Outlaw

Lazy Ghost - Waves Waves Waves Waves

Leene Bennett - Before Left

Legion of Saints - Killing the Silence

Legoheads - The Space Between

Leisure Club - Self Titled

Leonard Hodgins Endeavour -

Liam Duncan - If I Don’t Feel Better

Lianna Klassen - Sanctum

Lief Hall - Roses For Ruins

Lindsay Bryan - Cakewalk

Lions In The Street - Lions In The Street

Lions In The Street - On The Lam

Lisa Anderson - Self Titled

Lisa Cuthill - Love and Other Catastrophes

Little Bird - Little Bird

Little Crow - Little Crow

Little Fix - Self Titled

Liv Wade - Self Titled

Lizzie Kent - Lizzie Kent

Locomotive Ghost - Into the Glow

Logan and Nathan - Self Titled

Lola Parks-The Hustle

London Stone - Neon Bind

London Stone - Self Titled

Lorna Machlachlan - Bicycle Riding In The Dark

Lovecoast - Chasing Tides

Lovecoast - The Trip

Lovers Touch - Something Songs

Luca Fogale - Safety

Lucas - The Lunas/ Curious Life

Luke Maxim - Self Titled

Machabagas - A Little Something From Nothing

Mackensie Erlank - Self Titled

Manmade Lake - Godless

Manmeet Dogra - Degeneracy

Manmeet Dogra - Uglyhead

Marble Canyon - The Other Side

Marble Pawns - Astrophobia

Marble Pawns - Phases

Marble Pawns - Preconcious EP

Marina Legace - Self Titled

Mark Adams - Live at Blue Light Studios

Mark Fenster - Spark

Marsalis - Self Titled

Mat Cote - Vent Dans Le Dos

Matchstick Skeletons

Matinee - Live

Matt Sachs - Amanda Strawn

Matthew Kliewer - Galactic Revelations

Matthew Lennox - Do It For Love

Matthias - Line Thru

Maura Shaftoe - Make me a Memory

Maverick Cinema - First Light

Max Frazer - Self Titled

Max Rowan - Grey Area

Mellt - Swim Slowly

Mesa Luna - Crux

Mesa Luna - Shutting Down

Michael & The Slumberland Band - Thousand Years Under The Sun

Michael and the Slumberland Band - Post-Truth Lullabies

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald - Memos

Michael Gresham - Searching For The Pineapple Blues

Michelle Minke - Self Titled

Midnight Mangoes - Double Crown

Mindil Beach - It Might Take Long

Mindil Beach - Mindil Beach Markets

Mindil Beach - The Sweet Tea EP

Mindwiser - New Age Mysteries  

Mixed Multitudes-There Is A Light

Modern Terror - Hardcore ‘18

Mojo Stars - Songs From the Inside Out

Mood CTRL - Only Answers

Mood CTRL - Self Titled

Moondrifter - Self Titled

Mooshy Face - Self Titled

Morgan Finlay - Fault Lines

Morgan Finlay - Latitude

Mouthful of Daisy - Endings

Mud Funk - Self Titled

Mythos - The Best Of Mythos

Nabil - Illumine

Nancy Laberge - When We Were Friends

Nat Jay - All I Think When I Wake Up

Nat Jay - Quiet Dreams

Nathan Schubert’s Pirate Ship - Moorage, Captain, Port & Chambers

Nathan Schubert/Ancient Science - Paserbjorn

Nathan Shubert - When You Take Off Your Shoes

Nathan Shubert-Folds

Nicole Audrey - Self Titled

Nixie - Self Titled

No Century - From The Void

Noah Derkson - In Search Of The Way

Noah Edwards

Northern Beauties - EP

Not In The Face - Brass Tacks

Ocean Full Of Fins - Backyardia

Okami 64 - Toriyama Boys

One More Girl - Astronaught

Only A Visitor - Lines

Only A Visitor - Technicolour Education

Ordinary Time - Good News

Our Glass Zoo -

Owl Skowl - Owl Skowl EP

Paolo Brian -

Paperboy and The Messengers - Headlines

Paperboy and The Messengers - Strike!

Paperboy and The Messengers - The News

Parlour Panther - Foreign Lust

Parlour Panther - Hot Magic

Patricia Garner -

Patriot Sail - Patriot Sail

Paul Keeling - Awakened Heart

Paul Snider -

Paul Victor - HWY 69M

Paul Victor - The River

Paul Victor Project - Girl From Barcelona

Peach Pit -

Peach Pit-Being So Normal

Peak Performance Project Bootcamp - Come Together

Peak Performance Project Bootcamp - Hello/Goodbye

Peak Performance Project Bootcamp - Love and Bravery

Phil Austrom -

Phoenix Thunderbird - Economic Life/ Mirrored Mind

Phonography-Phono Pony

Pigeon Park - Boys on Steroids

Pigeon Park - Stripes

Porteau - Water’s Gate

Post It Notes

Promising Practices Films -

Pupstar - Soundtrack

Pupstar - Soundtrack 2

Pupstar - Soundtrack 3

Quinn Pickering - Losing This War

Radio Nation - Radio Nation LP

Raincity Blue -

Rebecca Lappa - Reckless Heart

Red Haven - Funhouse

Red Haven - Singles

Red Haven - The Road Above You

Red Haven - Vilified

Red Haven and Dirty Grace - Live at Monarch Studios

Reid Jamieson-Dear leonard

Rematch - Singles

Richard Yuen -

Rick Threat -

Ridley Bishop - Breathing Machines

Ross Nuttall -

Rossario - Soma Sound

ROYAL - Heart of Shadows

Royal Oak - Younger

Ruby Singh - The Future Ancestors

Rup Loops -

Rusty Zin Meets Watson Unlimites - Spellbound

Ryan Mcmahon - In Line for a Smile

Ryan Morrisette - Just Breathe

Salmon Friends - Salmon Friends EP

Sam Lynch - Lights and Lines

Sam Stucky - Broken Instruments

Sam Tudor - Quotidian Dreams

Samantha Hart - Singles

Sanctuary - Singles

Sant Lockhart - Awaken

Saturn Alien - Saturn Alien EP

Savvie - Night Eyes

Savvie - Singles

Scott Jacobs - Sleepless Dreams

Scott Winterstone -

Scrap Metal Sons - Nine Lives in One Day

Seabillies - A Mariner’s Tale

Sean Xiahao Zhang - HOW

Selfish Things - Acoustic EP

Selfish Things - Vertical Love

Sex With Strangers - Discourse

Shameful Tiki -

Shane Koyzcan - Sadness Is A Song I Know All The Words To

Shane Koyzcan and The Short Story Long - Debris

Sharply Detached - Rough Around The Edges

Sheepdogs - Sheepdogs Spotify Session

Sheldon Cole - Dark

Shon Burnett-Shon Burnett EP

Shred Kelly -

Sidiki - Now

Simon Lock - Terrace ?

Simpson Brothers Band - Boarding Pass

Sing It FWD - 2013

Sing It FWD - 2014

Sing It FWD - 2015

Sister Says - Heart Placement

SJ Kurtis-Illumine

Sky Wallace - Living Parts

Sleepcircle - Dead Wait

Smash Boom Pow-Higher Power of Desire

So Close - One

Soler - Evolution

Son Howler - Son Howler EP

Son of Ray - Self Titled

Sons Of Granville

Sons Of Granville - Imperitave Drive

Sophia Danai - Self Titled

Spaceglider - Very Bright

ST Augustine -

Stadium R -

Star Captains

Stars of Fiction - Seven

Static Shift - Common Bliss

Static-Static EP

Stationary - A Recession Era Musical

Stella Soul -

Stephanie Ratcliffe - Land in Unknown Places

Stephanie Ratcliffe - Things Above Ground

Steve Pointmeter - One Half Life

Steve Sainas -

Steven Kozak Band - It’s Time

Strange Charm - Curio

Strange Country - Stranger Country

Stray Cougar-Stray Cougar

Sunny Pompeii - Breakfast of Champignons

Sunny Pompeii - Professional Day

Sunny Pompeii - Vinegar

Sunrise Social - Saint Helena

Sur Une Plage - Battle Fatigued

Sur Une Plage - Ledgerdemain

Swim Team - Out of the Flood

Switch to Black -

T - Riley -

T. Pak - Gutters to Glory

Taylor Skelton -

Tenille Jocelyn -

Terrace - Criterion

Terrace - We Fall Together

Terrence Jack-Never Get Back

Terry Boyle - Lifes Too Short

Tha Big Puffa - Mary Jane

The Ashley Hundred -

The Belief Experiment - YVR

The Boom Booms - Say We Say Goodbye

The Break - Rise

The Broken Islands - WARS

The Burying Ground - Big City Blues

The Carlines - Feeling

The Carnival Band -

The Crooked - The Crooked EP

The Dabs - Powerful Medicine

The Dead Zones - Morelli

The Deadset - Liar Liar Pants On Fire

The Elevens -

The Empty Page - Unfolding

The Gussett - Sunsets and Phets

The Honey Tongues

The Looelle -

The Mandevilles - Windows and Stones

The Odd Neighborhood -

The Old Familiar -

The Poolsharks -

The Reaktion - Selknam

The Recreationalists - Lake City Rockets

The Ruffled Feathers -

The Ruffled Feathers - Bottom Of The Blue

The Seawold Soundtrack -

The Tourist Company - Space Race EP

The Trade Company - Autumn Days

The Unifies - Say What You Want

The Valley Collective - Home

This Side Of Town - # The Streets

Thomas - Choir Live - Self Titled

Thorwind - Self Titled

Tim Fields - Self Titled

Time Boy - Ponoka

Time Hurley - June

Time Sars Sextet - Blue Migration Suite

Todd James - Broken Windows

Todd Stewart - Self Titled

Tony Biafore - Self Titled

Tony Rino - Turn Up The Christmas

Top Hat Goblins - Self Titled

Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party - Alotta Miata

Tourist Company - Apollo

Tourist Company - Mercury

Tourist Company - Space Race

Tramp - Superficial Symphony

Transit - Pity Party Project

Travis James - Timeless As The Moon

Trev Bach - Trev Bach

Trev Conkey - Mighty Ocean Strong

Twin Canyon - Electric Light

Twin Canyon - Twin Canyon

Twin Rains - Automatic Hand

Tyler Del Pino - The Great Unknown

Upper Lakes-The Spring

Urisdae - Almost Closer

Vandriver - Vol.1

Victor - Eye Bender

Victoria and The Secrets

Vincent Appelby - Maladie d’ecran

Wade Jenner - The Weight

Wanda Jemly - Stories

Watson Unlimited - Midi Dub

Wax Theatrics - Was Theatrics

We Hunt Buffalo - Blood From A Stone

We Were Friends - Self Titled

Weak Patrol - Self Titled

West Meadow - Self Titled

Western Jaguar - IV

Westside Sings - Delve

Westside Sings - Join The Refrain

Whale and the Wolf - Self Titled

Whelming - Self Titled

Wild Son - Self Titled

Willhorse - The Farm Sessions

Windmills - Death of a Ladies Man

Windmills - Keep Moving

Windmills - Measures

Windmills - Tilting

Windsome Kind - Self Titled

Winsome Kind - Winsome Kind

With Wild Animals - The Veil

Without A Crown - Self Titled

Wolfborne - In The Beginning

Wooden Horsemen - Past Lives

Woodley - Self Titled

Young Babylon - Young Babylon EP

Zach Kleisinger - I Hope It’s Calm, Then

Zane - Likeness House

Zenith Star - Babylon

Zep - Pigpen - Head In A Vice

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