About Brock


Brock studied physics at the University of Alberta, which led him to audio engineering at the Pacific Audio Visual Institute of Vancouver. Upon graduating with honours, he went on to work at the legendary Mushroom and Hipposonic Studios, engineering on countless records, before opening CPS mastering to master countless more.

Brock plays D&D on weekends and has more tattoos than you might guess. He loves good switches, transformers, and the soft flutter of relays. He once watched Ween play for two whole hours.

Brock is the senior mastering engineer, owner, and founder of CPS Mastering which has served as one of Canada’s premiere mastering studios since 2008.


About Elisa


Elisa Pangsaeng is a Canadian audio engineer. She cut her teeth making records in Vancouver, recording, writing, producing, and mixing, while working out of several of the cities busiest studios.

Elisa likes squishy cats, compression, tape, tubes and shoes. You might catch her listening to pop music at upwards of 100 decibels, especially on ATCs. Tom Waits, Karen O, Frank Black, and Beyoncé are her familiars.

Brock and Elisa first worked together at Hipposonic in 2010, she currently engineers out of Monarch Studios, is an instructor at Nimbus School of Recording, and joined CPS in 2018.